Lindbergh's hero's welcome, Croydon, 1927

Lindbergh's hero's welcome, Croydon, London, 1927. Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974, on balcony at upper right) made the first solo transatlantic flight. He flew in a monoplane (not seen) named the Spirit of St Louis. He took off from Long Island, New York, USA, at 07:51 in the morning on 20 May 1927. He flew all that day, through the night and on through a second day of flying. Night had fallen when he finally landed in Paris, France, after a total of 33.5 hours in the air. A few days later he flew to Croydon, London, England, where huge crowds gathered to acknowledge his feat. Lindbergh and his airplane were brought home on a US Navy ship. Four million people attended a New York City ticker-tape parade in his honour, and goodwill tours of the USA and Latin America followed.

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